Golf Course Description Hole-by-Hole

Par 4
363 Yards

Playing Tips: Stay left of fairway bunkers on this fairly short opening hole. Be careful of club selection off the tee as a blind hazard is long left.








Par 4
374 Yards

Playing Tips: Aim left of the electrical box in the right rough off the tee. The further left of center off the tee, the shorter approach to a green protected by wetlands in front and back.

Gold Tee: Aim drive left of center for maximum roll and distance..







Par 5
503 Yards

Playing Tips: “Let the Big Dog Eat” on this reachable par 5. Stay right of center as the tree in the left rough indicates corner of pond not visible from tee. Favor the right side of the fairway on second shot.







Par 3
163 Yards

Playing Tips: You get what you see on this picturesque par 3. Not many places to bail out, so club selection off the tee is vital.
Gold Tee: Aim tee shot between left and right bunker in event drive comes up short.







Par 4
360 Yards

Playing Tips: Ideal tee shot is slightly left of fairway bunker. Careful of club off the tee as O.B. runs down both sides of the roughs. Take enough club on approach to carry hazard in front of green.

Gold Tee: Ideal tee shot should be left of center for maximum roll and distance.






Par 5
493 Yards

Playing Tips: Once again you may “Release The Hounds” off the tee to set up possible eagle try. O.B. left of the cart path approximately 20 yards into woods runs the length of the hole. Hidden pond on right runs the entire right side of hole, up to the green.

Gold Tee: Aim drive left side of Fairway for maximum distance. Tee shots hit right will fade right, adding yardage to hole.





Par 4
365 Yards

Playing Tips: Commonly viewed as Fawn Lake’s signature hole. Check your yardages to the hazard at end of fairway for club selection off the tee. Select the right club for approach as collection area behind green will test short game prowess.

Gold Tee: Aim approach shot to left side of green in event you come up short, to avoid greenside bunker. Take extra club for elevation.





Par 3
162 Yards

Playing Tips: Two level green makes club selection critical. Up and down from left, right or behind green will be no bargain.

Gold Tee: Aim tee shot at Bird House to right of green. Take enough club, as shot coming up short could find right front bunker.




Par 4
386 Yards

Playing Tips: Take aim slightly right of bunker on left and let it fly. Slight fade is preferable. Elevated green offers semi-blind approach. Green runs from front to back, so check your yardages for approach shot... long is wrong.

Gold Tee: Aim drive toward middle bunker on the left.



Par 4
367 Yards

Playing Tips: Hazard runs entire length of right side. Hidden hazard left of cart path off the tee. Any approach right of center will careen to right side of green.



Par 4
394 Yards

Playing Tips: Take tee ball just right of fairway bunker on left for best approach to undulated green. Approach shots short and right will be penalized.

Gold Tee: May need extra club for approach shot to allow for slight elevation.


Par 3
174 Yards

Playing Tips: Yardage off the tee is critical. Up and down from anywhere around the green will be a stern test.
Gold Tee: Take extra club on this elevated green. Aim to right or left side of green to avoid rough directly in front of green.


Par 4
331 Yards

Playing Tips: Pick your club carefully off the tee. Ideal tee shot favors left side of fairway bunker on right. Pick a club that carries bunker by 20 to 30 yards as hidden pond will collect a tee ball hit too far. Green runs front to back.


Par 5
505 Yards

Playing Tips: Aiming point off the tee is just left of fairway bunker on right. Most tee balls hit right of bunker will be O.B. Difficult green pick a club, a spot, and commit!


Par 3
145 Yards

Playing Tips: The pond on left is not as friendly as it looks... be careful not to attack pin placements that are left of center. Two tiered green presents challenge!


Par 5
541 Yards

Playing Tips: The “Dogs” are barking again... so let ‘em out of the cage one last time and you just might get home in two. Pond on left will penalize poor approach shots... you‘ve been warned!

Gold Tee: Drive and 2nd shot best when placed left side of fairway to avoid fairway bunker on the right. Place approach shot right side of green to avoid hazard on the left.

Par 4
410 Yards

Playing Tips: No rest for the weary coming down the stretch of what arguably could be the toughest two finishing holes “Arnie” ever created. Club selection off tee is critical. Greenside bunker collects all approach shots not solidly struck... take an extra club.
Gold Tee: Place tee shot on left side of Fairway to avoid long carry over hazard.
Par 4
410 Yards

Playing Tips: The 19th hole is in site, but let‘s not celebrate just yet. O.B. left and right off tee. Forced carry approach shot is vital to green that has a reputation of being tough. Beware of wind coming off of lake on left. Until next round...
Gold Tee: Center fairway best off the tee as ball hit right tends to fade right, resulting in a longer, more difficult approach shot.

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